Annual Report 2021

Service as a business

Increased sales thanks to service contracts, spare parts, and tooling

One way to achieve this is our modular and globally standardized service program, which significantly increases recurring and value-added sales. Since its launch in early 2021, we have been selling more than 90% of our new machines in the gold and silver segment with a service contract.

By 2025, Bystronic will have expanded its service business into a second main pillar alongside the business with machine sales. The service business is highly profitable and reduces the dependence on economic cycles by providing recurring revenues. Bystronic offers a modular and globally standardized service portfolio, for example for maintenance or access to a support hotline.

Simultaneously, conventional services, such as training courses for machine operation and programming, will continue to be expanded. And we will tap into unexploited potential: The stepped-up sales of tooling for bending machines facilitates regular contact with customers that would otherwise not exist in the case of the low-maintenance bending machines – this boosts sales.

Spare parts – only the original

Quality has its price. Why we advise our customers to invest in Bystronic spare parts and consumables.

Only genuine high-quality spare parts and consumables unleash the full potential of a Bystronic laser or bending machine. Precision and quality are crucial in the field of industrial manufacturing. With our original parts, we guarantee a reliable cutting process and reduced reworking requirements.

With our original spare parts, we guarantee a reliable cutting process and maximize uptime.

Customer Voice: Stadler Blechtechnik, Switzerland

One of Bystronicʼs unique selling points is its excellent service. We have been supporting Stadler Blechtechnik AG since it was founded. The fact that we are always there even for smaller companies is a key reason for the loyalty of the family-owned company.

Stadler Blechtechnik AG has been a Bystronic customer for more than 30 years. During this time, the sheet metal processing technologies have changed just as much as the market. Over the years, we have continually modernized and automated the production environment of the family-run company in eastern Switzerland. But there is one thing that has not changed over all this time: Our outstanding service continues to set us apart.

“Bystronic is at the cutting edge of innovation and offers world-class service,” Urs Stadler, Stadler Blechtechnik AG, Switzerland.
Regionalization Software as a business

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